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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bonanza is a Paint

Here are some videos from today's ride. During English equitation today, Sam and Bonanza walked, trotted and cantered in Class A.

Sam took second. It was a wonderful ride.

Tomorrow is trail and showmanship.

Charging the battery tonight.


  1. They are a super team. Bonanza moves beautifully and Sam sits nicely.

    I thought about this off and on today so I was happy to see the videos up and to watch them before bed.

  2. They are very happy with Bonanza at Riding Unlimited. Through the years, there have been some terrific matches with the horses that have been donated to the program and the riders, including Sam.

    Big, the Percheron, continues to serve them particularly well.

  3. I'm still thinking about placing my horse there. The people who bought my place love the horses and I've been working with the teen daughter so she can ride him. So then all get to stay together in that situation and they are a family unit. But, I'm paying them $425/mo in board and that can't continue.