Love. Listen/Observe/Read. Act. Repeat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I would live in your love as the sea-grasses live in the sea ...

.. I follow your soul as it leads.

Mark Wolfe, Sept. 17, 1956 ... miss you baby.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Peggy.

    You probably know about this already, but... When I lost my mother, one suggestion I received from a friend was to make a "remembering box" for my young son who was only 4 at the time. I wanted him to remember the special relationship they had. I just thought that your family might make a remembering box together.

    The pain of loss eventually lessens some, which is a good thing. It's important to keep the memories alive.

  2. Thank you.

    We've each got our own remembering boxes. Mine has his glasses, his gaudy tuba ties, our wedding announcement, a t-shirt the kids made for him with all their footprints on them, and a macadamia nut we picked up on our second honeymoon in Kona. Although, when I'm really missing him, I get out a recording of one of his performances. Then, I can hear him breathe.

  3. Last night, Connor B. asked if I would ever re-marry. Kids with autism always get to the heart of a matter. I told him it was a great question and the answer was probably not. My heart is too broken.